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You've tried everything. You went to the doctor, they gave you some labels and prescriptions and basically said F off. Then you searched the alternative health world only to be told to fear mold, bacteria, and emf's. What a shit show.

How about take a chance on the fringe? Hint: That's where the healing is. Can you blend tuning forks, crystals, emotions, energy medicine, color therapy, word magic, and Christianity?

Yep. ALLLL kinds of people will be triggered. The fun part is IDGAF. I know this is where the healing is. At this point in your journey you prob dgaf either. You just want answers and to finally HEAL!

illuminate  your shadows

We have to uncover what you hid very well.

I'm here to...

Let go of your labels

Figure out your foundation

Love yourself

When you think this big your brain freaks out! It doesn't know where to start. That reality doesn't exist for you yet.
Sometimes we get stuck on words and our minds just can't  "go there"

I have a way of breaking things down in a relatable way, but I will never make you feel dumb.

I've got the super power of simplicity.

 I like to break things down in an easy to understand format.

Human Design/Gene Keys

Germanische Heilkunde


tools of the trade

1: Examining the stone- I walk you through your bodygraph and your hologenetic profile.

2: Rough cut- We dive into superpowers and weaknesses.

3: Cutting the facets- We remove any conditioning from your parents or culture that are NOT YOU. 

4: Polishing the stone- We experience the genius sequence and your highest self begins to shine.

Sneak peek into your gemstone refinement process!

Each session is one hour, so we have plenty of time to really explore your thoughts and subconscious programs.

I help you discover what's out of balance right now, but we don't stop there. We travel back to your tender youth and find out what created your current conflicts. Bonus is we tap the tree of creativity which will help you in the future! No more circling back around to the same conflicts. 

Have an itch you just can't scratch? That's where I come in!

I can help you find that pesky trigger or that lingering nag you just can't seem to put your finger on.

The Series

The Recipe

In order to be accepted into my Gemstone series you first have to go through the deep dive.

Weekly calls- One hour, with additional support on voxer and email if you desire.

A quartz crystal necklace imprinted with custom frequencies tailored just for you.

Pdf's with additional info as you go through the refinement series.

Cost: 6,500

The details:

I can get results where other alternative practitioners can't. Why? Because I understand that God intended for us to live in harmony and love ourselves, not be on a constant detox or kill-bind-sweat protocol. Those might make you feel better short term, but what about those relapses eh? 

We have to get to the real root cause and that is your emotions and conflicts. The best part is I like to reverse engineer things, so we play first with your creativity, and then dive deep.

Weekly coaching calls where I guide you through my famous recipe. 

As a fellow creative, I'll be the ears you need! 

Coaching for Creatives

real root cause

If you are sick of living with chronic illness and want to live in your full potential as a creative this is for you.

The Gemstone Refinement Series

This series is an in depth look at who you are. This is a deep dive into your soul and your future. We go there. We look at your secrets and your hurts. But don't worry, it's all safe with me. I'll be your sound board through the whole process.

 It's a lot to unload, but you are ready!

be a label dropper

Sharilyn Trout

 Ash shines a light to reveal your own secret recipe. Gem series taps into your personal energy that she receives and reflects with protection, recognition and and curiosity.

 Her feminine power sparks attention and creativity. There were no barriers working together. I experienced freedom to share and receive. At times even challenged. There were no wrong words, no judgment, or awkward reactions. Hands on involvement all the way. Her coaching deliverance is a delicate nature. Never pushed or pressed. But her essence was confirming empowering and many times spontaneous.

 She is like a tour guide to your identity and potential. Sessions are intuitive formulas that you can actually apply or "try on for size". To areas like career, health, spiritual life and emotions. The information presented is in the form of gauges and awareness. Secrets will bubble up in your sessions. Emotions will be identified. Better yet, the root of your feelings and sensations are exposed. Symptoms have no place to hide.

Ash is able to do all this without coming across as violating or offensive. Truth in love. She has a dedication to your best future and best self. Almost like a treasure map to mysteries of your structure and struggles. Braving false walls of thinking. What I felt from Ash all the way was pure encouragement and support. I was given the ability to embrace the girl/woman who may have been put down, misjudged or even underestimated. She awakens dead energy and brings life to wounds.

 In my sessions she was able to blast my hardened heart. Refill that space with wisdom in the form of sisterhood and mentorship. Ash has an unforgettable passion and will carry that through all sessions and interactions. Her calling is to guide you. To look at hard places and shadows with curiosity without feeling attacked. She acts like a compass to all journeys.

My personal description can be uniquely, maybe even weirdly described as "a knowing" given through avatar like bonding. With sacred information, knowledge and wisdom impressed into the spirit.. If that erupts any emotion or wonder in you. You are meant to work with Ash. I know I don't regret it. Investment is scary. But you have the potential to sparkle and shine. Be a gem in a dark world.

Working with Ash is a multifaceted experience. It is a continuous pressing into your future. Guidance shared is fully your work, your pace, and your healing.

treasure box

are you ready to be refined?

You must go through a two hour deep dive in order to apply for my gemstone refinement series. We have to make sure we are a good match before embarking on this journey together!