TRS breakdown

  1. Liza H. says:

    I’m always skeptical of a company who bashed other companies and then plugs their own. It seems a little unethical and an obvious conflict of interest. Cant 2 companies BOTH be great?

    I’ve tried TRS and LOVED it. It saved my son from speech problems and excema. It cured him. I have read thousands of positive TRS testimonies. Are you calling all of those mothers liars?

    I was open to also trying PBX until you started to bash TRS. It comes across as a bit sketchy, ya know? You are trying to be super sales-y and it comes from a dark place. It is low vibe, which honestly tells me that your product doesn’t work. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so obsessed with TRS. Another thing TRS helped me with was my anxiety and life outlook. A cloud has been lifted. Maybe if your product worked you wouldn’t be stuck under whatever cloud has been darkening your skies.
    God bless you for your other advocacy work. It is needed. Please come back to the light.

    • ash braswell says:

      Hi liza. I have a couple of questions for you. Let’s take the product and switch it for essential oils. If young living misrepresented their product, made false claims, and had their marketing and distributors pushing this false information would it be ok to ignore that?

      Can you direct me to which portion of data I have shown here is wrong? As a consumer with questions I was met with a figurative hand in my face that lead me to asking these questions and digging in so deep- there was a reason so many of us had bad vibes about trs.

      If you re-read at no point did I ever criticize anyone for using it nor did I discount testimonies. What I am obsessed with is finding the truth, and I believe I showed you that in this article. Now, whether you decide to accept that is up to you. All that I ask is for people to keep an open mind.

  2. Kaylee Winifeld says:

    I’ve been following you on instagram for a while, and while you post a lot of good information, this entire post seems vindictive and petty. Unfollowing.

    • ash braswell says:

      That’s your prerogative, just so you know I don’t do this for followers I do this because I like to dig and find the truth. What I find vindictive and petty is distributors trying to silence me by threatening me for simply sharing what I find.

  3. Jonathan Blake says:

    This “article” seems like a bit of stretch. My family has used TRS for over 2 years. My wife saw dramatic results with her anxiety, postpartum “Mom brain”, postpartum eczema, and her adult cystic acne. She also had major gut issues from childbirth medications including antibiotics, and she tried EVERYTHING to heal her gut and NOTHING worked until TRS. We have also used it on our child since he was 6 months old. He was born 7 week’s premature and he’s actually ahead of the curve in his milestones compared to other his age. He’s never had a ear infection, no skin rashes, no allergies, no gut issues, he’s never even run a fever for more than a few hours due to teething. I was skeptical also so I just recently started using the product myself after seeing it transform my loved ones I will tell you it absolutely works and it is completely safe. Im already sleeping better and have more energy than I’ve had in years. I’ve also lost 8 pounds and haven’t changed a thing. It’s really sad to see that your company can’t just accept that there are other products out there that are helping people … why do you care so much about TRS? It looks tacky and the more you mention them, the more attention you draw to THEM and the more negativity you draw to YOURSELF? You may want to think about that before you post these “informative articles”. Just looks like you’re a critic with no credentials.

    • ash braswell says:

      Hi Jonathan, Sounds like TRS is working for your family, thats great! Could you describe which part is a bit of a stretch? The company didn’t put me up to this, these are legitimate questions that I and many others had that weren’t getting answered.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Wow I’ve followed your page (quietly) on instragam – I’ll be unfollowing- and have sent others (I’ll tell them to unfollow as well) bc this is just ridiculous. Who writes an entire article bashing another company who has a similar product? A successful one ? Doubt it. Why would you not take alllll that effort and energy to write a positive article on your own brand and leave the slander and gossip out Of it ? I honestly was considering purchasing your detox product but after this I will not support you in any way. I sure hope the company you work for
    finds out you’re representing them them this way. I
    sure wouldn’t want someone behaving like this representing my company. Why do you care so
    much about another product? If yours was so good
    wouldn’t you be too busy “working” with your clients? This is just NOT a good look.

    • ash braswell says:

      Hi Stephanie, quick question… What in this article is slander and bashing could you please elaborate? I wrote this article to share with others the questions and concerns I personally had that went unanswered.

  5. Edward says:

    I would suggest in any worm article questioning and looking for answers. If you speak of good and bad of lies and truths you hit both sides as hard as the other. It seems one sided to a guy who has also investigated. I know buisness serves one purpose, profits. Everyone knows that. Also idk what your background is but be cautious in chemistry if your not privy past high school level. If you are remember not everyone else is and am explication/ link does wonders. This does seem one sided but I’m just giving feedback from an open minded guy. Never”attack” something people are passionate about or you will be met with an attack.
    To you will do what you want in just throwing ideas, give are the days of honesty in all sides and science is now in the hands of the funding, medical freedom folks know this is true.

    • ash braswell says:

      The English is a little spotty but I think I get the drift.

      There is “funding” from the coseva side as well. This all began with finding inaccuracies from coseva. They were marketing their product as the smallest and most effective nano zeolite. So, this began with deceptive practices, all I’m doing is finding those and sharing what I find.

  6. Ireland says:

    Man, people really came with the negativity. Our entire mission…”ask questions”. In the fight for medical freedom I believe that we should be asking hard questions, and that’s exactly what you did. I definitely disagree with the idea that you are at all “vindictive”. That comment actually made me laugh. As far as the testimonials go…well I know tons of people who would say that Advil is better than Ibprophen. Are they calling all those moms who swear by Advil LIARS?! No.
    If you can’t tell by now, the science is almost never settled. Nutrition and health is a very large grey area. Leading experts say one thing week to week. Next month there will be an even better zeolite….etc…etc. I thank you for your hard work, you do the hard stuff so I can benefit. You give me answers to questions I didn’t know I had, and spark curiosity to find the ones unanswered. BRAVO!

  7. Bridget says:

    This was eye opening! I’ve had only negative experiences in taking TRS. After giving it to my daughter she melted down emotionally which was very unusual and I couldn’t calm her down. It was like she was out of her mind. Personally I always felt like I was in an emotional spiral, even with just half a spray every couple of days. So I put it in the back of the cupboard, but I took it out and gave some TRS to my puppy (because I was using the TouchStone Essentials for the people, we like how it makes us feel) and he’s been really sick since then. I’m very sure that it released toxins from his first (and only) round of puppy shots he received before he came home with us, and now I’m working to get him well using homeopathics. THANK YOU again for pushing for the truth and presenting it in an easy to understand way.

  8. Carolyn says:

    This article was informational to say the least. It seems you definitely hit a nerve with mlm gods. Haha. They definitely can be cult like which takes away from the benefit of any product that they market and sell.
    My thoughts would be to also include just plain jane clinoptilolite. I guess I am curious as to the benefits of it vs. a nano particle.
    Thanks for the research and the enlightening information.
    Also, note to the trs peeps commenting. For people who truly seek truth and health your anger and frustration is definitely a testament to how you are feeling. Is this a side effect of the product you are taking or are you dealing with emotional baggage you have yet to resolve? Seriously questioning you people.

  9. Jessie says:

    I’m truly shocked by all of these negative comments here! You are doing the work, asking hard questions, seeking transparency and truth- how anyone can call that vindictive is clearly reacting out of emotion rather than reason. I for one am so extremely grateful for people like you who dig into these details and use your precious time to distill and share this information. It’s no small task! It is devastating that anyone in the medical freedom community would be suppressing ANY information or worse bullying/silencing anyone asking questions!!

    Please keep doing what you’re doing and pay no mind to the negativity. If TRS helps people, great! No one is trying to take that away- but being FULLY INFORMED on what a product truly is and does (especially one being given to children) is CRITICAL! Since when did product comparisons and investigating products become vilified? Frightening to see such dogmatic devotion! I thought we were all here to seek truth- wherever that may lead us!

    Thank you again for all you do. You and @saffronjadeandlemonade are such a valued and trusted resource. ❤️

  10. Carla P says:

    People can be very protective over something that is near and dear to their heart. That’s ok. The people that have unfollowed you just aren’t your followers. Oh well. You did the right thing by researching and I appreciate your article – and the tremendous amount of time, and energy it took. Thank you

  11. Emily says:

    Well I’ve tried TRS and it’s been about two months of using it. I have only noticed bad side effects as to be expected while detoxing, but haven’t noticed any of the good that I was reading about or hoping for. I recall seeing this pan out on IG from you and from who I followed that pushed TRS, and I thought “oh boy, another doterra/young living drama story” (eye roll) and I left it alone. I had more information pushed on trs than pbx, so I tried trs first. I really didn’t understand the difference or why to choose one over the other, but when one of my friends had trs and said just try it, I caved. After a couple bad days of detox symptoms I thought “maybe I shouldn’t be using this” but then convinced myself it was just die off symptoms and to push through. I still have fatigue and restless sleep, I’m unmotivated and have little energy. My face breaking out hasn’t gotten any better, and my gut is still pretty bad. I try to eat all whole foods and make healthy choices. I live a toxic free life (as much as I can control) and I just don’t feel like trs is doing anything it claims to do… for me. Maybe I wasn’t as toxic as I thought, maybe I need to keep going, but something led me back to pbx and reading this article made me question what I was putting into my body. Am I REALLY living toxic free?
    I may return my last bottle and exchange for pbx to try for a few months. I just really am sick of my tiredness controlling my life and I’m sick of this belly that I haven’t had since taking prescription medication (10yrs ago). Trs? pbx? Only results will tell you what’s right for you.

  12. Rooter says:

    I too have been researching TRS and have been attacked for trying to get people to look at the truth. Its all on the Coseva website if people bother to really look closely. Dr Holford even said in a video presentation that the core of the TRS molecule is magnesium and which helps with joints. I think people just don’t want to believe they have been conned so they will shoot the messenger who tries to bring them the truth.
    I use Clean Slate by Root as personally i think it is better than Touchstone zeolite but who cares as long as its not TRS which i think is dangerous.

  13. Healing Journey says:

    Yeah I use Clean Slate by Root also. It’s the best zeolite I’ve found, probably because it’s not synthetic like TRS!

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