cue the lightbulb
above your head

Stop beating your hand on the steering wheel!

Right now you are stuck in a ditch spinning your wheels. You need the four wheel drive but cant find it.

You know you need to pop out of the ditch and get back into the joy of life.

You know it can be easy flying down the road, listening to the radio as the wind blows in your hair.

It’s supposed to be that easy right?

Guess what? it is.

You see people flying down the road of life and honestly...

you're jealous.

You are frustrated, bitter, resentful and closed down. 

Meet your Highest Self
Bust loose from the mayhem of the mind
 and put your life in four wheel drive.

 This isn't just another coaching program.

Let's fix your family
You love them and want these relationships to work.

I use Human Design and Gene Keys to help you do this with ease.

In 14 days I give you everything you need to jumpstart your easy life.

Use the Superpower of Simplicity

 Circle of 7 is the Solution YOU Need.

14 days of interactive experience including TWO live trainings. This gives you the opportunity to be coached and find your authotity.

A Human Design / Gene Key Map that leads you back to you.

: Group and individual emotion code clearing so you leave knowing your next stepa

Take a Sneak Peek into Circle of Seven

We activate your Authority and Decondition any emotional energy that's kept you from her.

I support you while you develop a relationship with your highest self.

The Offering

CIrcle of Seven

You don't have to call a tow truck to get out of the ditch...

You just need to find the right lever!

I not only show you the right levers, but I help you embody them.

I've already figured how to live with ease and love my family on a whole new level , I wanna help you do the same

These Quests are perfect if you:

  • Have already tried to find balance with other modalities and you slid right back in the ditch.

  • Know the soul work is "where it's at"

  • Want to be in a high vibe group with supportive healing frequency.

Your results will knock your socks off. This was the game changer for me. Everything else I tried got me to 80% but this work pushed me over to 100% fulfillment.

I'm Ashley and I've figured out how to love every part of my family- including the in-laws. It's been a long journey from toxic bitch to my enlightened happy self, and I wanna help you do the same.

Connect to the part of you who loves everything about your family

real root cause

Marriage Magic:

GIrl Power:

Goals and Dreams:

For women who want to transform their marriage. This is the foundational work. Your family grows from this soil.

Girls 12-17 who want to boost confidence, find out who they really are, and stop comparing! 

The whole enchilada. We get clear on what you want to manifest and make a straight line to it. This one will make you soar!

It's time to make your family simple

Connect to your Highest self for the answers and

start enjoying your family NOW.

Circle of Seven

This is a high vibrational look at who you are. It's a deep dive into your Soul to find out how to hit that easy button and live in alignment.

I'll be your tour guide through the whole process.

You are ready!

your family is here to teach you ...
find out how to learn

  • There are no refunds what if I cant make it? No problem! I will move your seat to the next available Quest.

  • Is it pay in full? Yes.

  • How long are the quest sessions? Two hours at least. Have a babysitter and a notepad ready. No interruptions- YOU deserve this.

  • What is the Emotion clearing like? Emotional clearing releases emotional energetic blocks that keep you from realizing your easy life. Nothing is forced, you come ready and we do the clearing.

  • Do I need to know Human Design? No, you don't I will help you understand, and you can ask questions. 
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