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I've earned Herbal and Bioresonance certifications, and was certified by Maria Emmerich as a Keto coach, but honestly does anyone care?  All you want to know is can I deliver results and I can. I have experienced healing from "Lyme" through the energy and emotional work I've done. I went from Grinch to a fun loving flamingo- you can too! I do this work because of my own journey. It's my mission to help women escape the "wheel of misfortune" and leave the allopathic system for good. 

Hi, I'm Ashley– you can call me  Ash!

I'm a life coach who helps #chronicillnesswarriors find "that missing link." I spend my days working with my Gemstone clients, guiding them down the path of healing.

I'm obsessed with it. (Dream Job)

I had a horrible experience with the traditional healthcare system. I'll prob do a podcast on it so I can walk you through the whole story. It's traumatizing to be called a liar from "the best neurologist in Charlotte."  

My Journey started in 2015 - I was falling apart, having seizures, and my family was having to care for me. I lost my ability to drive, found out I had Lyme disease, and went through the depression of being a "spoonie" or "chronic illness warrior". My breakthrough came when I found Bioresonance, GHK and HD.

Today I don't use those hashtags or labels. I am HEALED. Because of my experiences I am committed to leading other women down this same path.

Because they don't give a shit about you.

"Why do you hate on allopathic healthcare
so much?

Great news, weary warrior,

I'm here to guide you to a place in your life where  emotions are conquered creativity reigns. 

Do you have chronic lingering health issues?
Do you wish you could just get over all this, and get to the fun part of life?
Do you wish you could drop those labels and retire from being a
 chronic illness warrior?
Would you like to shift your identity to become the person you dreamed of being long ago?
Would you like to understand yourself better?
Would you like to know what is really bothering you?


(It worked for me,
 it can work for you) 

My favorite thing in life is to see people pulling a Michael Jordan. I'm a 90's kid and anyone with his passion and drive inspires me! A life wasted is such a ridiculous thing. We all have such amazing gifts inside us and I help my soul clients find theirs using Human Design and Gene Keys! 

Pink and Yellow are my POWER colors

I dream about crystals and arrowheads

I describe myself as a awkward as a drunk flamingo in high heels

Coffee and Carmel are necessary

Enneagram 5, INTP, Projector

I am a life long student. I love learning! Books are always in an online cart being ordered, and when they are delivered is like Christmas morning!

My passion (and biz) is fueled by quantum physics and energy.

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Montana & Wyoming

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Through understanding physical weaknesses, emotional frequencies that need balancing, and ancestral trauma to heal, I am able to seek remedies to bridge the gaps. Ash did multiple scans, went over each with me in a kind and concise manner. She supplied practical options for healing, to include a frequency infused tincture and crystal. If bio resonance and discovering the root behind certain symptoms in your body, def reach out to her! Our bodies are divinely equipped to fully heal, we must only quiet our minds to hear what our unique body needs.

I had the honor to receive a bio resonance scan from Ash. What I learned through the experience was life changing. I’m forever grateful for the information to guide my decisions in healing. 


 She really took her time covering the results with me on our follow up call and was able to get me set up on a process to work towards healing - in to me a much more practical methodology over traditional medicine. She also ran the test my dog and was able to share some wonderful insights there too! So if you’re still considering and not sure- here’s your sign you will want to know what she will share with you guaranteed!

First off let me start with if you haven’t done the bioenergetic test with Ashley- Do it, it’s worth it. My experience with her blew my mind with how much information she was able to share with me 


She was very caring and explanatory throughout our whole session. Everything made sense. I cannot imagine having a session with anyone else. Ash is truly a wonderful woman with skills beyond in this arena. I will recommend my friends to her without a doubt. I have already started to feel better and the understanding I have learned from her has been immeasurable

I highly recommend doing a scan with Ash.
A lot of my health issues were immediately apparent to me after going over the PDF I was presented with. The accuracy was so spot on that I was literally left with my mouth hanging open. 


Because of all of the mistreatment, my body developed even more adverse effects and I was left with more questions and more pain. Thanks to Ash, I am finally able to begin a protocol that will HEAL me instead of hurt me. I can’t list all the reasons I’m grateful for her in this review but if there is one thing you’re missing in your healing journey, it’s Ash and this scan. I am finally healing.

After doing this scan with Ash, I was able to find the root causes to the 16 years of pain and suffering I have due to the allopathic industry consistently misdiagnosing me and mistreating me.

kind words

This is THE place where #chronicillnesswarriors 
 finally put the puzzle together

Ready to shine like a gemstone?