the secrets of the universe 

 think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

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If you have never heard of bioresonance feedback click through the slides below. I cover what it is, the history, how I run a scan, and more. It is a bit of jump from traditional allopathic medicine, so I understand this is a bit perplexing. 

BioEnergetic Analysis

QEST4 PRESENTATION by The Eclectic Outpost

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Read and sign this digital waiver. After you sign, you then upload it to the CoachCoach portal in step 2. 

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Step No. 1


All transactions are done through CoachCoach. You can upload your documents, purchase scans, and message me through it. 

Adult scans are $299.
Pediatric Scans $225.
Pets scans $199.
Follow ups are $100.

click through  to coachcoach to purchase a scan

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Click through the link below, and schedule your appointment. Most consults are an hour long.

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Kind words

about bioenergetic scans

T.R. Benton

Having had Bioresonance scans preformed before, I knew what to expect. What I didn't expect, was to be treated with so much respect from Ash Braswell. The care and concern she shows is genuine and honest. We found issues that I didn't know about, and with her help in suggesting supplements and homeopathic remedies, the issues have been resolved. I trust her judgment and I trust her knowledge.


I highly recommend doing a scan with Ash Braswell.
A lot of my health issues were immediately apparent to me after going over the PDF I was presented with. The accuracy was so spot on that I was literally left with my mouth hanging open. Ash told me there were things that she did not understand perfectly, but that were somehow involved in my energy and relevant to only me, however after I reviewed them, each and every single one was indeed impacting my mental state health and emotional well-being. 
She was very caring and explanatory throughout our whole session.  Everything made sense. I cannot imagine having a session with anyone else. Ash is truly a wonderful woman with skills beyond in this arena. I will recommend my friends to her without a doubt. I will continue to be a client of Ash 
I have already started to feel better and the understanding I have learned from her has been immeasurable.


After doing this scan with Ash, I was able to find the root causes to the 16 years of pain and suffering I have due to the allopathic industry consistently misdiagnosing me and mistreating me. Because of all of the mistreatment, my body developed even more adverse effects and I was left with more questions and more pain. Thanks to Ash, I am finally able to begin a protocol that will HEAL me instead of hurt me. I can’t list all the reasons I’m grateful for her in this review but if there is one thing you’re missing in your healing journey, it’s Ash and this scan. I am finally healing.


Let's collaborate to find your balance