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Yes. I was saved at age 12 and have attended many different church denominations. In my adulthood I have waffled back and forth between Oneness vs Trinity, but in the grand scheme of things I'm not sure it matters. I like to refer to God as our Creator or IAM, pulling from a beautiful book "Braiding Sweetgrass". I ask that you be open minded to work with me.

I often do Q&A's on IG, here are a few...

-Are you a Christian?

I use a Qest4 bioresonance machine. I have custom sets built in that I created which makes my practice unique. There are many bioresonance practitioners popping up, many of them focus on bacteria and parasites, which is very much green allopathy. To get to the real root cause of your ailments we must search through your energy field for emotions and traumas in order for you to heal. 

I often do Q&A's on IG, here are a few...

What do you use for bioresonance?

No, I do my work remotely. If this bothers you have a look at the tv in your home. There are no wires or cables to connect to the tv station, and yet it picks up programming from the airwaves. Our brains are electric receivers and transmitters, and my equipment can send signals or frequencies to you using your personal information to connect -just like that tv or radio. This isn't woo woo, its just not common (yet) Big difference.

I often do Q&A's on IG, here are a few...

Do you do in person sessions?

Emotions and words have frequencies or energy. You may have heard of Dr. Emoto and his experiments. Each word we speak or hear has energy and the ability to change our atmosphere. I have the ability to detect what emotions you have held and are stored in the body causing chaos. During our sessions we will gently unfold all of your stored negative energy in a loving and supported way. 

I often do Q&A's on IG, here are a few...

How can you pick up emotions with bioresonance?

I primarily work with women age 16+. My Gemstone series is meant to take you from crusty hard hearted bitch to straight up illumined faceted gemstone. 

I often do Q&A's on IG, here are a few...

Who is this work for?