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The Eclectic Outpost was designed to be a resource of information as you set out on your own health journey. Much like an Outpost houses various sundries for a travelers journey, you will find a variety of information here- hence the word "Eclectic". 


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The Eclectic Outpost

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Here's the secret: You have the innate power to heal yourself. All you need are the puzzle pieces of information to put the puzzle together. I am a life long seeker and student of knowledge. I'm not an empath, or a therapist- but as an enneagram 5/INTP I have the skills to help you analyze your puzzle to help your body achieve homeostasis. 

Bioenergetic Practicioner, Herbalist and health coach based Near Charlotte, north carolina

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about Hope Energetic Oil


This Blend has helped my vibration and my mood since the day it came into my life. Curve balls have been thrown at me and I've been able to keep an anchor in my soul. Prayers have flowed out of me, and hope has been spread. couldn't have asked for a better blend at this time.


Hopefulness and a sense of peace wash over me. love this so much and wish it was in a giant perfume bottle i could spray my whole life with it.


Love it! i'm usually not a big fan of florally smells but this one just won me over. the soft sweet aroma has a real calming effect and leaves my skin so soft. 

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